GamUp Remixes the Game Design Workshop in Egypt

I was chuffed to find out that my instructional post about Game Design Rapid Prototyping Workshops had been discovered on Medium (where I reposted it ☺️) and used by the team at GamUp to conclude their Game Jam Night in Egypt back in February. Susan Abadir kindly responded on Medium to let me know:

I came across your article will proofreading GamFed’s newsletter, and it was just few days before we were about to deliver a non-digital game Jam Night based on Dr. Scott Nicholson framework and your table outline and presentation just completed our night perfectly, we also added a few stuff like game elements they can use instead of lego and we had a jury panel with checklist criteria etc.

So thanks a million , and here’s a wrap up video of the event Enjoy! 

Sandra Abadir – Content Lead at GamFed & founder of GamUp 

She also provided a very inspiring video of the night:

It’s great to see the workshop in action, especially when they adapted it using the materials at hand to make it suite their needs. It’s a great example of of frugal education in practice. Lightweight, easy to implement, and super engaging.

Check out more of GamUp’s excellent work on their web site: