GameChangers Wins the QS Reimagine Education Award for Learning Science!

QS Reimagine Education Award Badge

I’m really excited to write that we’ve won the QS Reimagine Education award, in the category of Learning Science, for the GameChangers initiative! We’ve been working on this project for the last six years (and a bit) would you believe? It started out as a simple sketch on a whiteboard for an open game design course that people could take to learn about applying game-based learning in their classrooms, and since then, it’s grown into a hugely successful initiative, bigger than we ever imagined it would. We have worked with collaborators and research partners to positively impact education all over the world, and it’s wonderful to receive such a prestigious award in recognition of all the hard work and impact from everyone who have contributed to GameChangers over the years.

With over 1,100 candidates for the awards, across the various categories, we were delighted just to get shortlisted, let alone to win the award on the day! It means an awful lot to us to be recognised in such a way.

Over the last few years my frugal education practice and research has become a significant part of GameChangers approach, and this makes me that little extra bit more proud of the award. I feel it’s a testament to the effectiveness of creative, practical, and sustainable education, and I look forward to developing this further with our amazing partners in present and future projects.

GameChangers has grown from an initiative into a movement and we will continue to build on the GC community to deliver playful, gameful, and frugal education through our innovative practice and open educational resources. Thanks again to everyone Thee’s plenty more to come, we’re just getting started!

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