There’s Madness to the Method

I’m going to use this site to record my thoughts and ideas, starting with relatively unstructured snippets that I can start to combine into more considered concepts. At least that’s the idea. I think it’ll help to get thoughts onto ’paper’, so to speak. I’m hoping the process of typing things out will help the ideas develop. Maybe, maybe not, but ever since deciding to tackle a PhD I’ve been interested in the idea of building it out quite openly.

Don’t ask.

I see a lot of students suffering studying in solitude, which seems like a very isolated approach to something so time consuming. Seems better for the ol’ mental health to share the process, and let others participate, rather than burying my head in notes and half-baked and half-arsed paragraphs in a word document.

I guess some people aren’t as keen on exposing their inexperience to the elements, and would rather deliver fully formed thesis after several years of work, but I think that’s an awfully large amount of time and effort spent in solitude. Not my cup of tea if I’m honest.

I‘m heading into this process as green as a cabbage, with no real academic writing experience to speak of, so I feel like I have everything to gain and nothing to loose by posting my journey on the web.

I guess we’ll find out together. 😉