The One Gif Gym

I can’t remember exactly when I found this image, it was donkey’s years ago, but I can remember being blown away by its simplicity. As an educational tool this animation is a clear demonstration of Frugal Education at work.

As a tool it’s:

  • Engaging;
  • Endlessly replicated at near zero cost;
  • Elegant in its design, requiring almost no explanation;
  • Capable of positively impacting anyone who leverages it.

Created for a fitness app called 7 Daily Moves (sadly now defunct), this GIF is just one of many variations. Each group of excercises is comprised of animated loops curated to demonstrate a variety of different exercises, with each animation carefully illustrated to demonstrate the correct technique, pace, and posture.

I refer back to these GIFs time and time again at the gym. They help me exercise correctly and add a little fun to the process. (It also reminds me of the Big Blue Ball Machine from the early 2000’s, which is always a good thing!)  😆