Print Your Own Frugal Education Action Cards!

After a busy few weeks on your various research projects, I’ve found the time to complete work on the Frugal Education Action Cards and create a nice landing page for the resource here on the site. You can now download both print-ready PDFs and Adobe Illustrator compatible design files, depending on your requirement.

The print-ready cards fit nicely onto three A4 pages, with additional pages provided for the back sides. Each page comes with cutting guides and the contents has been vertically and horizontally centred. However, every printer works a little differently, so you’ll need to experiment on some scrap paper to make sure both sides line up correctly when printing. This may take a little trial and error to get right, but if all else fails, you can stick the two sides together! 😁

🎯 Pro tip: Make sure to set the page scale to 100% to prevent the printer from resizing the pages.

I haven’t currently included any rules/guidelines for their use, but this is by design. I am curious to see how people use the cards and how they implement them into their own design processes. Therefor, if you try the cards out, I’d love to hear from you about how you’re using them. From there, I’ll begin sharing the different approaches, as well as designing complimentary activity mats, instructions, and any other supporting resources needed for other educators to try the same approaches or as a jumping off point for new adaptations; circular pedagogy style.

If you choose to download the cards and use them, I’d love to see them in action. Feel free to tweet me and/or tweet yourself using them using the #FrugalEducation hashtag.