#Dispatches: The Beginning of the Beginning

Today marks the first day of my PhD journey. I’m currently optimistic, enthusiastic, and full of ideas… I expect this will last about a month. Just kidding! ๐Ÿ˜†After completing my proposal back in August I’ve been busy on a variety of projects in my day job, and waiting patiently for news on the PhD front. I’m happy to say it’s all systems go from now on, so I’ll be getting stuck in to more reading and writing in the weeks to come. This good news continues with the continuation of the CreativeCulture initiative as we successfully won both bids to continue our research and practice in the form of CreativeCulture 4.0!

The next chapter of CreativeCulture will see the team expand the initiative into Indonesia and Vietnam in the coming months to expand the impact of gamification and experiential learning through play in Asia. Aside from the main research objectives, our work will no doubt provide opportunities to gain valuable insights into Frugal Education to support my research. I can’t wait to see the team again on our next adventures. Exciting times ahead for all involved!

Next on the agenda for me is to map out my PhD journey and identify next steps, not to mention finding time to read, read, and read some more!

Oh, and did I mention we had two wins at the Gamification Awards 2019? One for Beaconing (well done Beaconing team) and one for GameChangers; a humble project that has grown into much larger initiative, inspiring many more initiatives along the way, including CreativeCulture! ๐Ÿค™For more info on this check Sylvester Arnab’s blog post, our awesome Professor in Game Science, who talks more about the awards and provides a deeper dive into some of our future projects.