#Dispatches: Updates from the Coalface

I’ve been squirrelled away of late preparing my PhD proposal and it’s been quite the journey so far. 😅 Apart from constantly questioning my ability to string even the shortest of sentences together, it’s been a valuable learning experience. It’s also given me the kick up the arse opportunity to really organise my thoughts around what Frugal Education has the potential to become, and how I can explore the concept with the academic rigour it deserves.

Looks like I’m not the only one who’s been struggling!

Thankfully, I’ve just had a few days respite in the glorious city of Copenhagen, which has recharged the mind… ish. I’m ready to crack on and finish this proposal in time for the next academic year. Finger’s crossed.

Pro Tip: Perhaps don’t listen to the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack on repeat when writing a proposal, it does make it quite a bit more intense than it needs to be. 😆

I’ll be posting my progress here for anything of interest in day to day goings on at work or on the long and winding PhD path; just look for any posts that start with ‘#Dispatches’ in the title.