Remix Play 5: Reflections

This week we finally got to deliver the GameChangers: Remix Play 5 event, which was sadly cancelled last Autumn due to the passing of the Queen. It was a resounding success and included a host of inspiring talks and playful activities. The theme this time around was ‘Secret Agents of Change’, which was about people who work together to make the world a better place.

Remix Play 5, explores our roles as individuals, communities, and institutions in influencing, shaping, and mobilising change through playful and frugal practice. 

The event was partly inspired by our ACES international research project and featured panel sessions with our partners in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam discussing the application of playful learning and frugal education approaches in case studies across the three countries. The event coincided with the last week of the three-year ACES project and served as a fitting end to a very successful collaboration. There’s still heaps of research to write up, which will keep me busy over the coming months, and I look forward to sharing more impact, research, and practical resources in the near future.

There were many highlights from the event, including Margaret Low and Anthony Luvera’s inspiring talks, but for me, the stand-out takeaway was the audience’s engagement with the frugal theme that permeated the various activities, talks, and ACES case study discussions throughout the day. It was invigorating to hear people so interested in the concept. It clearly resonated with people, which is an encouraging sign.

This interest led to myself and Sylvester sitting down to record a conversation with the Pedagodzilla podcast folks after the event. They really picked up on the frugal practices when reflecting on the day’s events, which led to us discussing playful learning and frugal education principles in more detail over a much-needed beer and plenty of laughs. šŸ˜ I’ll share a link to the chat once the episode goes live.

Overall the event was a resounding success. It was great to make new friends, share ideas, and hopefully inspire others to become positive agents of change within their own communities.